Micro-Epsilon UK Ltd
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Manufacturing processes throughout all industries are evolving at a rapid pace, and the quality and tolerances expected from the end user are forever increasing. Thus, the need for smarter measurement solutions. Micro-Epsilon is renowned globally for being at the forefront of measurement technology. For more than 50 years, we have continuously offered reliable, high performance, unique solutions particularly when high precision measurement or inspection is required. Our product range covers sensors for the measurement of distance and displacement, sensors for IR temperature measurement and colour detection, as well as turnkey systems for dimensional measurement and defect detection.
We understand that our customers are our business partners and aim to develop long term relationships with them. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements; our salespeople are engineers and understand more than just the sensor performance. We are problem solvers. We operate a fair working policy, which results in excellent customer service and support even post sale. Our high performance products and way of working provide our customers with a genuine competitive advantage.

Contact Email: info@micro-epsilon.co.uk
Country: United Kingdom