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Welcome to PASS Ltd – Your Premier Destination for Test and Measurement Solutions, Calibration Excellence, and Accredited Electrical Training!

About Us:
PASS Ltd stands proudly as one of the United Kingdom's foremost providers of top-tier test and measurement equipment, calibration services, and comprehensive electrical training solutions. With a sterling reputation built on a commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of technology and industry standards.

Test & Measurement Equipment:
Explore a world of possibilities with our extensive range of test and measurement equipment. As authorized suppliers of renowned global brands including Fluke, Megger, Flir, Seward, Anton, Kern, Catu, and more, PASS Ltd ensures that you have access to cut

Calibration Services:
Precision is at the heart of what we do. Our accredited laboratories, staffed by expert calibration technicians, guarantee fast turnaround times and exceptional service. Offering UKAS and National Standards calibrations, we are approved service providers for many of the manufacturers we represent. Take advantage of our on-site calibration services and convenient pick-up and drop-off options – because accuracy matters.

Electrical Training:
Empower your team with our City & Guilds accredited courses in high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) electrical training. From PAT Testing and the 18th Edition to SAP and wind turbine training, our courses cover the spectrum of electrical expertise. With PASS Ltd, your workforce is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the ever-evolving field of electrical engineering.

Visit Our Stand:
Step into the future of precision and innovation by visiting our stand at the upcoming exhibition. Engage with our experts, explore our latest offerings, and discover how PASS Ltd can elevate your capabilities to new heights. Join us on a journey where precision meets performance.

At PASS Ltd, we don't just meet standards – we set them. Partner with us for a seamless blend of quality, expertise, and forward-thinking solutions. Welcome to the future of test and measurement, calibration, and electrical training.

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Welcome to the PASS Ltd Stand – Your Gateway to the Future of Acoustic Imaging, Thermal Analysis, Vibration Monitoring, and Electrical Maintenance Testing.

Acoustic Imaging Equipment:
Uncover the power of sound with our latest Acoustic Imaging equipment. Witness firsthand how this groundbreaking technology can revolutionize your operations by pinpointing compressed air leaks, identifying mechanical issues, and detecting partial discharge. Our experts will demonstrate the capabilities of these state-of-the-art devices, showcasing their precision and efficiency in real-world scenarios.

Thermal Imaging Cameras:
Step into the world of thermal analysis with our cutting-edge thermal imaging cameras. Explore how these advanced devices can unveil hidden issues by capturing temperature variations. From electrical hotspots to equipment malfunctions, our thermal imaging solutions provide a non-invasive, quick, and reliable method to identify problems before they escalate.

Vibration Monitors:
Discover the importance of proactive maintenance with our vibration monitoring solutions. See how these monitors can detect irregularities and potential faults in machinery, ensuring optimal performance and preventing unexpected breakdowns. Our experts will guide you through the application of vibration analysis in predictive maintenance strategies.

Electrical Maintenance Testers:
Experience the next level of electrical maintenance testing with our innovative tools. From insulation resistance testing to earth loop impedance, our testers are designed to streamline your electrical maintenance processes. Learn how these devices enhance safety, reliability, and compliance in your electrical systems.

Engage with Our Experts:
Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to answer your questions, provide live demonstrations, and offer insights into how these technologies can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Whether you are focused on energy efficiency, equipment reliability, or safety, the PASS Ltd Stand is your destination for comprehensive solutions.

Join Us on the Forefront of Innovation:
Don't miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological advancement. Visit the PASS Ltd Stand to witness the future of acoustic imaging, thermal analysis, vibration monitoring, and electrical maintenance testing. Let us empower your business with precision, efficiency, and reliability.

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