Princeps Electronics
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Princeps’ mission is to simplify the sourcing of safe traceable, obsolete and hard to find electronic, electrical and e-mech components for customers in the aerospace, defence, medical, transport and advanced industries.

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Princeps was founded in 2006, with the intention of becoming the go-to experts UK Manufacturers turn to when they need solutions to their Electronic, Electro-mechanical or Electrical (EEE) component supply problems. We now serve customers in a wide range of aerospace, defence and other hi-rel sectors and they love our tenacity , its time for you to find out what Princeps can do for you!

As we have grown the range of products we are able to supply has developed and now includes not just EEE parts but also Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products, Build To Print (BTP) and Standard Parts. We provide a range of supply solutions to provide our customers with efficiency savings, best value and security, it is our aim to provide traceable, risk free parts, on-time and to budget for our customers.

Contact:   Mr Chris Turner

6 Astra Centre
Edinburgh Way

Telephone: 07579760752
Postcode/ZIP: CM20 2BN
Country: United Kingdom