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TFC, an AFC Industries company, is the sole UK & leading European supplier of Smalley Springs and Retaining Rings. Smalley and TFC have built a reputation for unsurpassed quality and an expert, collaborative engineering team.

With decades of experience, we’ve been a supplier of high-quality Smalley Spirolox Retaining Rings, Snap Rings, and Wave Springs. Smalley is the leader in the manufacture and development of these products, with a standard range consisting of 10,000 parts stocked in carbon and stainless steel.

If you can’t find a part to suit your needs, then Smalley’s No-Tooling-Cost manufacturing process allows for fast prototyping and production.

Appearing in the majority of the fluid transfer lines in the automotive market, ARaymond Quick Connectors provide solutions adapted to the constraints and requirements of today’s industries. Quick connectors bring many technical solutions for fluid connections in HVAC (Heating, ventilation and Air-Conditioning) and Sanitation, responding to the applicable standard requirements of these sectors.

TFC’s team of engineers are available for design consultations, providing a range of resources to ensure the application contains the most effective solution.

TFC has an unrivalled reputation for delivering Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions that provide a streamlined system tailored to significantly improve production performance, delivering what your manufacturing needs when they need it. Our customisable VMI Smart Solutions combines industry-leading intelligence software to enhance your control, leakage, security, compliance and availability.

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